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DIY Solar PanelHi everyone!  I set up this website to help anyone interested in generating solar or wind power for their home.  Both solar and wind generated electricity are renewable, green energy sources.  Once built and installed they can actually provide all of the electricity for your home for free, and without producing any pollution or greenhouse gasses.

There are a number of reasons why renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are great ways to provide electricity for your home.

  1. Free Electricity – Once solar or wind power is installed, all of the electricity produced is free.  In fact, you can actually sell any excess electricity back to the power company.
  2. No pollution – Neither solar nor wind generators produce any pollution.  They are both great for the environment
  3. No greenhouse gasses – Neither solar nor wind generators produce any greenhouse gasses either.
  4. Reduce dependence on foreign oil – Using renewable energy sources like solar and wind power reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil, helping to make the country safer.

Any one of these reasons might be enough for make one seriously consider solar or wind power for their home, but combined they are a really powerful argument for building and using green energy for your home.

Some years back I started taking an electric train downtown to work.  I felt good about this – I wasn’t driving in my car by myself, using gas, generating a lot of pollution.  Then a couple of years ago I decided to take it one step further and stop driving to the train station.  I bought a kit that added an electric motor to my bike and started driving this to the train station, locking it in a free bike locker provided by the rapid transit district.  The bike itself used no gas and generated n0 pollution or greenhouse gasses.  I recharged the bike’s battery using electricity from the wall.

Then one day I thought, “why not take it all the way?”  I decided to recharge the bike’s battery using a solar panel rather than electricity from the wall.  That way there would be no pollution being produced, no foreign oil being used, even by the power company and my communte would be completely free!

I created this website to share everything I learned with others who would also like to create green, renewable energy at home.  Feel free to look through all the pages in the menu on the left and good luck with your own home solar or wind project!

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