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Earth4Energy is a complete package including both DIY solar and wind projects in one.   It includes easy to follow pdf ebooks and videos and they continue to update the material.    So, can you build a solar panel or wind generator for under $200 using Earth 4 Energy?  If you have a few common tools like a saw, drill and screwdriver and follow the instructions in the ebooks and videos, the answer is definitely yes.  For more details, read on…

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Earth4Energy Ebook
Earth4Energy Ebook Pic 1

The ebooks are pdfs that you can download to your computer and read at your own pace.  The ebooks are very comprehensive and cover building a solar panel and wind generator, electrical wiring, installing and mounting, a consumer guide, wind map resources and a renewable energy guide.  If that sounds like a lot – it is.  There are hundreds of pages of material here.  Also, I just went back to take a screenshot and noticed that they added an online solar power calculator.  You can use it to calculate how much power you will need to produce and how many panels you will need to build in order to produce that much power.  That’s a handy addition to the package.  One nice thing is as they add new features like this, you’ll get access to all the new stuff through the members page.

Earth4Energy Video
Earth4Energy Video



The books cover a lot of material, but honestly it is the videos that really make or break a DIY package like this.  The videos are available online and really help a lot.  Have you ever been putting together something you bought that had “some assembly required” and all it provided was an instruction sheet?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how they get from step 4 or step 5, even with diagrams.  Well, with the videos Earth 4 Energy provides, you won’t have this problem.  I recommend watching the videos all the way through before you start your project.  The videos provide great detail and really make this a project anyone can do.  This is the only package that includes videos for building a solar panel and a wind generator.

Earth4Energy Video Pic 2
Earth4Energy Video Pic 2


Does It Work?  How Hard Is It?

So, the bottom line is does it work?   Can anyone build a solar panel or wind generator ?    Are their claims about building a solar panel or windmill for under $200 real or a scam?

Do their plans work?  Yes.  If you follow the plans, just about anyone can build a solar panel or wind generator with Earth4Energy.

How hard is it?  In order to complete the project you have to be able to use common tools like a saw, drill and screwdriver.  You just need basic skills with these tools, nothing special.  If you can saw a board in 2, drill a hole and screw in a screw, you should be able to build a solar panel or wind generator following the Earth 4 Energy instructions and videos.  Even the soldering is very basic and easy.  All the soldering is big wires, big connections, nothing small or fancy.  If you’ve never soldered before, you can buy a soldering iron at radio shack and follow along with the videos and you’ll see how easy it is.

Earth4Energy Online Calculator
Earth4Energy Online Calculator

Can you build a complete project for under $200 like they claim?  The package includes a list of things to buy, where to find them and how much they cost.  If you have to buy all of the parts, it will average around $200.  If you have some of the parts laying around in your garage, it can be much cheaper.  Many people will have plywood, caulk and screws for the solar panel, for example or pvc pipe for the wind generator.


If you’ve been thinking about building a solar panel or wind generator, the Earth 4 Energy package is well worth the money.  The solar and wind guides are both very good and this is the only guide to include video for both solar and wind projects in one package.  You get over 200 pages of material in the ebooks and videos to guide you through the parts you might have questions about.  With the help of Earth4Energy, building a solar panel or wind generator is definitely within the reach of anyone with basic skills with a few common tools.

Click here to visit the Earth4Energy website

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