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DIY Solar Panel PlansWith many homeowners looking for a way to reduce their monthly utility bills, a solar power system provides a great way to generate free power from the sun.   Home solar panels have improved greatly over the last decade and today offer a more efficient and less expensive way to generate enough electricity to lower, or even replace the power you buy each month from your local power utility.

These newer home solar panels have been improved in a variety of ways and give you decades of use with very little maintenance required.  One of the ways that solar panels have been improved is their efficiency.  Newer panels are approaching 20% conversion efficiency and this means you will need less of them to generate the same amount of power from the sun as with older panels.  This can be a big savings in installation costs since you will need fewer of them for your solar power system and will require less roof space to mount them as well.  This is good news for homeowners with smaller homes who may have limited roof space.  In days past they could only mount as many panels as would fit on their roof and this may have only generated a portion of the power they needed.  With these newer panels they can use the same roof space, but generate more power to help them lower their monthly utility bill.

In addition to these newer panels being more efficient, they are also more tolerant to orientation.  With the older home solar panels, you had to have them mounted due south if you lived in the northern hemisphere for them to generate the most power possible.  This gave them consistent access to the sun at a direct angle for most of the day.  If your house was not in perfect alignment with due south, the older panels would generate far less than maximum output current because they could not handle the severe angle of the sunlight.  These newer panels can handle a wider range of angles for the sunlight to strike the panels and are still able to generate their maximum power.  This is great news for many homeowners that are not aligned directly south with a roof and can provide them with a larger amount of power.

Another big improvement to these home solar panels is their generating threshold.  This is related to the minimum amount of sunlight needed to start the process of conversion.  Older panels had a pretty high threshold of sunlight that was needed to start generating power.  This meant that at sunrise, sunset and during cloudy days they may not generate any power at all, even though the sun was shining.  These solar panels have a much lower threshold, which allows them to generate more power for longer portions of the day, and more days during the year.  This improvement also helps homeowners that have their panels mounted in a less than perfect position and will enable them to enjoy a higher amount of current for more of the day as well.  All of this translates into a larger amount of free power for your home.  Using this power from the sun means you will have to buy much less power from your local utility as long as the sun is shining.

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