Homemade Wind Turbine

Click for the best DIY wind generator guide
Click for the best DIY wind generator guide

Even though solar power is getting the most attention from homeowners as a way to generate power to help lower their electricity bills, wind power is also a great renewable energy source as well.  Modern wind turbine systems are very efficient and have become smaller and quieter in recent years.  Today they represent a great renewable energy solution for many homes and can generate quite a bit of power from a passing breeze.

In addition to commercially produced models, some homeowners build their own homemade wind turbine to help them generate power. Even though this homemade wind turbine may not be as powerful as a commercial model, it can still take advantage of renewable, free electricity generated by the wind and can be much cheaper to install than commercial models.  The design for a homemade wind turbine is fairly simple, and a working generator can easily be assembled in a weekend once the basic components have been located.

Building your own homemade wind turbine takes some mechanical skills and some common tools, but assuming you have these and can acquire the necessary parts, it should be easy for you to complete.

Click here for the best guide to building your own homemade wind turbine, including detailed diagrams and videos.

To build a homemade wind turbine from scratch you will need several basic components. Some of these you may have around the house and others you might choose to buy for the project. The parts you’ll need are rotor blades, a generator, sheet metal for mounting the equipment onto and other small parts like bolts and wire.

The main components of the turbine are the blades and rotor assembly. This is the part of the turbine that collects the wind and rotates a shaft when the blades are spun. If you have a good set of plans, you can construct the rotor blades yourself from PVC pipe.  Anyone with reasonable mechanical skills should be able to shape the rotor blades.

When you have finished the blades and rotor, you need to locate a suitable generator. These are easily found at a local junkyard or can actually be a larger motor that was scavenged from a defective appliance like a washing machine. Even though the motor is designed to rotate when connected to a power source, many of them will also do the reverse and produce electricity when rotated by other means such as the wind and can be used in your homemade wind turbine project.

Once you have these two main components secured, all you need to do next is mount the rotor and blades on one end of a platform and connect the shaft from the rotor to the shaft on the generator and enjoy the power being produced. If you mount your homemade wind turbine high enough to catch steady wind, the rotors will spin and turn the generator, producing free electricity to use for your home for many years to come.

Click here for the best guide to building your own homemade wind turbine, including detailed diagrams and videos.

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