Solar Panel Kit

DIY Solar Panel PlansIf you have some common tools and a few basic skills, you can save a lot of money when installing a solar power system by using a solar panel kit.  There are several types of kits that either help you to build the solar panels themselves, or enable you to assemble an entire solar power system from a few key components

The most basic kit provides instructions and plans for the solar panel with a list of supplies and where to purchase them.  This type of guide is very inexpensive and is a great way to get started with solar energy as it is the least expensive way to obtain a solar panel and building your own solar panel is easier than most people think.  A guide that includes videos is highly recommended.  The videos will show you exactly how to build the solar panel step-by-step.

The next type of kit provides the materials and instructions needed to build a solar panel.  These kits include a choice of solar cells, connection wires, soldering equipment if you need it and detailed instructions on how best to connect the solar cells for various voltages and currents. Some of these kits are designed to allow you to build your own enclosure for the panel while others contain a pre-built enclosure for the solar panel.  Building your own solar panel will give you a really complete understanding of how solar technology works and will also save you quite a bit of money over buying the solar panel completed.  Once you finish building a solar panel kit you can use it by itself to charge a battery or power a small appliance with an inverter.  Some of the kits include the inverter as well if you want one.

The other larger solar panel kit is focused more on setting up an entire solar power system for your home.  Most of these kits will include your choice of solar panel style, inverter, charge controller and batteries.  The nice thing about using a solar panel kit like this is that you can be sure that all of the components will work together when you are done.  If you choose to select the individual components on your own, you will need to understand the various specifications to make sure you are matching up the correct solar panels with the proper inverter.  Since there is really no standard established yet for a solar power system, it is easy to mix a 24 volt solar panel with an inverter designed to handle a 12 volt panel.

One other main advantage to using a solar panel kit for creating your solar power system is that these kits make it easy for you to be very flexible with your design.  The reason this is important is that many homeowners like to install a solar power system in stages to help them spread the cost out over a few years.  This way they don’t have to spend all of the money in the first year, but can start small and expand.  If you use a solar panel kit to get started, you can install a number of solar panels this year with a larger inverter and then add more panels each year to increase your capacity for power generation.  This allows you to get started today with generating power from the sun and helps you offset your power bills immediately.  As your finances allow, you can add more panels and increase your power output even further as well as your savings.

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