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Generating power for your home can be as simple as installing a wind power generator and lowering your monthly electricity bill by using the free power of a passing breeze.  Wind turbine technology has improved greatly over the years and today provides a solution for most homeowners that is quiet, efficient and smaller than ever before.

Modern wind turbines are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes that can accommodate any homeowner’s needs.  Even though they are based in large part on designs that have been around for decades, these newer versions include a whole host of improvements to these basic designs.  In the past most homeowners had to have a lot of space on their property that was open and would provide access to a consistent and strong wind to turn the large blades of a turbine.  Most wind power generators that were used for residential installations were scaled-down versions of larger commercial models and were not well suited to the smaller residential installations.  For starters, these early units required a very strong wind to start the propellers turning and as a result they had to be mounted very high up in the air to catch these strong winds.  They were also very heavy designs and required that they be rotated into the wind before they started turning.  This rotation and orientation with the wind was done through the use of a tail rudder.  The challenge was that because of their weight, it took a strong wind to turn them into position.  This meant that they would simply miss a lot of the lighter winds and not orient into position.  Even though they were very effective in turning strong winds into large amounts of power, residential locations did not normally favor this type of strong consistent wind.

About a decade ago, smaller more modern designs started to emerge that could take full advantage of the lighter winds found in most residential settings.  These newer wind turbines could spin at lower speeds and because they were lighter could even rotate into position quicker as well.  Some of the innovative vertical axis turbines didn’t even need to orient themselves at all and could catch a breeze from any direction.  These newer designs make a perfect wind power generator for most homeowners and are actually less expensive for the power they generate.

Current versions of these wind turbines are made to be used in residential installations and are made smaller to allow them to be easily mounted on a shorter tower, or even the roof of your home.  Using one of these turbines in your wind power generator system allows you to eliminate much of the cost of installing and maintaining a tall and expensive tower.  Also, even though they may generate less current when turning than their older and larger ancestors, they are turning more frequently and thus can generator similar amounts of electricity over time.  This means that these newer and much improved wind turbines will actually produce more consistent power output for your home.  Since these newer wind turbines are quieter, there will be less complaints from neighbors about your system as well.  You can rest easy knowing that your wind power generator will keep delivering power from a passing breeze for decades to come.

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