How to Run a Wine Fridge on Solar Power?

How to Run a Wine Fridge on Solar Power?

We want our wines to be cool whenever we drink them. This makes the experience more exciting. However, we could not help but think that it might increase our electricity consumption. This is because fridges consume lots of electricity if we will compare it to our other appliances.

The onset of solar-powered devices makes room for us to teach you how to run a wine fridge on solar power. This is why a lot of households are eventually changing to more eco-friendly appliances. One of them is a wine fridge.

Although it can be pretty surprising that such an appliance can operate under solar power, it is possible. With the latest technology, solar power is used without compromising the performance of the product.  On top of that, you should be aware as well of the power requirement of each refrigerator.

A solar-powered refrigerator utilizes various devices to work. Here are some of the devices that you will encounter if you want to run a solar wine fridge. It will make things easier for you once you already start setting your solar-powered wine fridge up.

  • Solar panel – it is a device where the solar energy is further collected from the Sun’s exposure.
  • Batteries – the collected energy will be stored in batteries. They will be beneficial most especially when the skies are cloudy or the nighttime is much longer than daytime during some seasons.
  • Charge controller – it protects the battery from damages that takes place from power fluctuations. As a result, the proper reading will be much achieved resulting in better efficiency.
  • Inverter – it can convert DC to AC which is the current required to power up a fridge.

How much power does a wine fridge consume?

The usual power consumption of a wine fridge is important when you are making a prototype for a solar-powered one. To know the power needs of a fridge, you must inspect the nameplate tagged on the side or back portion of the appliance.

It indicates the rating of a fridge which is crucial to know. The criteria listed are the current and voltage requirement needed for that particular fridge. Here is an example below to give you a concrete idea of what we are talking about:

If a wine cooler has a reading of 4.5A and 115v then you will need to multiply them to get the wattage of the fridge. So it will result in 517.5w which is the required power that you will need to run a wine fridge.

Things to Remember

When running a solar-powered wine fridge, you must take note of the following. It will ensure that your fridge will work according to what you are expecting.

  • If the climate is cooler than usual then most probably you will need to set the temperature accordingly. You should lessen the coldness of the fridge thus saving you a lot of power as well. You can turn off the fridge too if necessary.
  • Use of AVR or surge protector if available. This will protect your fridge from possible damages due to a sudden spike in electricity.

What battery to use?

The usual solar battery gives 12v of electricity for designated amp-hours. An amp-hour is a methodology for knowing the capacity of a certain battery. It indicates the number of amperes that can be gotten from a battery and how long will it last.

Usually, there is a 20-hour cycle on a battery. For an instance, a 160 amp-hour battery can give 8 amps an hour for 20 hrs. A lot of solar batteries can give enough current for other devices as well aside from the fridge.

On a side note, inverters are required to transform DC to AC but the thing is it is not always accurate. There is half of the power that is wasted from the said conversion. So the inverter that you will buy must be reliable. You can check it out by knowing the efficiency rating of the inverter. The higher the rating, the better which results in better performance and desirability of use. As a result, you will be contented with the power that you will be receiving from your solar wine cooler.


Solar wine fridges are beneficial in today’s world. This is because of their capacity to provide a much eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to conventional fridges. But it is still debatable regarding which one is much more recommended to use.

Regarding that, you should check out the thermoelectric wine cooler reviews that we have. It has a nice collection of the best thermoelectric wine coolers that you should consider buying in case you want to have one. You’ll get the best recommendations and what features you can expect on the thermoelectric wine coolers that you are checking out.

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